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The Endo to End All. . January 30, 2010

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bad news and pain that is. . .

I had my first appointment with the Endocrinologist yesterday.  He gave me LOTS of good news including my A1c result of 7.9, which, I’m sure, is because of the blessing which is my insulin.  He’s increased my doses to help me get my numbers down even more.  The BEST news is, he doesn’t think I need to lose any more weight (YAY!) So, I’m now on a normal, 2,000 cal/day diet instead of the 1,200 cal/day I was on.  That also means I can eat twice the carbs as before.  I have an appointment with the CDE/Nutritionist on Wednesday and will meet with his PA in March.

I was given quite a bit of information on different pump options and will be trying to decide on that before my March appointment.  This seems like such a big decision, because it’s such a big expenditure, it’s not like I can change it if I don’t like it.  I’m currently leaning toward the Omnipod.  After reading so many stories of getting the tubing hooked on doorknobs, etc. .I’m definitely thinking tubeless is the way to go. I’m enough of a klutz that I don’t need added opportunity to bring on pain.  I suppose it’ll depend on my insurance as well.  I’m open for suggestions if you’d like to share. . .

So, this morning, I’m allowed to eat 45-60 carbs.  I was so excited to have oatmeal with fruit in it!  By the time I calculated everything, 41 carbs. . .ha ha  Most of my excitement is that I can eat healthier.   When you’re restricted to 30 carbs, you can’t even have a piece of fruit unless that’s ALL you’re having.  I’m actually happy I started my meal plan so restricted because I realize now that 1/2 an apple is really filling and I don’t need to eat the as much to feel satisfied. I feel like the whole world is open to me and I’m excited to try new recipes and keep my BG low!

I was also pleased that he spent quite some time talking to me about the emotional side of my dlife.  He said he’d like to get my A1c down to 6.5, but to make sure I’m eating and that I don’t ‘beat myself up.’  If I go to a party, have a dessert.  If I’m out with friends, enjoy myself.  You learn to eat right when you congratulate yourself on minor wins rather than attacking yourself for occasional misses.  That left me hopeful.  I’d read so many blogs and tweets about the “evil endo” that I was a little afraid of what I’d hear.  He seems to be more of the “catch them doing something right” kind of guy.

Have a GREAT weekend!  I’m off to take Christmas decor down. FINALLY