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#HAWMC Day 6 Haiku, can you? April 6, 2012



So, I’ve not written a haiku since high school.  This was a fun assignment.  Since I usually write about both diabetes and breast cancer. . I did a series of haikus about each.  I think each stands alone, yet fit together as well.  Hope you enjoy them!  If not, don’t tell me. . I don’t need bad news on a beautiful day like today, and Easter, just around the corner!

I am hiding it
Behind this smile and laughter
Lies a tired, frail girl

You can’t really see
Unless you stare at my chest
The hole that is left

Energy is gone
Taken by the red devil
Fight to take it back

A new day appears
Energy renewed, but wait,
I am still not whole.

One day soon, I’ll see
The new me taking over
Grab the reigns, hold tight.


Invisible ill
Diabetes lives in me
It does not own me

Inconvenient ill
Eat? Not before algebra
Poke, beep, bolus, eat

Incessantly ill
Always here, no vacation
Even as I sleep

The surprising gift
New friends, community love
Hope, comfort, help, hearts

Just a side note of the significance of today:

Today is Good Friday. .the day we mourn the death of our Savior.  With gratefulness, we look back to the sacrifice He made on our behalf.  The wages of sin are death. . He paid my debt. . .but, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Because He died, I don’t have to.  It may be Friday. . but Sunday’s on the way!