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It’s just me. . . January 24, 2010

My husband had a virus a few weeks ago. As is inevitable, I now have a virus. I’m home, for the second day, lying in bed, thinking about all the things I should do, need to do, want to do, but can’t. I’m channel- surfing through VERY disturbing daytime television. My fasting BG this morning was 160, a nice, round number letting me know my body is under stress from the current invasion of the yet-to-be-named and numbered viral colony. I add one more pill to my morning; mucinex, c’mon and do your thing. I think I’ll make one big batch of green smoothies to drink through the day. . Then my mind wanders. .I must have BACON.
Yes, these are the ramblings of a sneezing, stuffy-headed, sore-throat, coughing (barking, really) aching all over gal. I wish you and yours a lovely day!


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