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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 3 November 3, 2012

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Day three: I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.

VO2 Max

As I’ve been learning about running, I’ve heard this term.  As we exercise, our heart rate increase, our breath rate increase, etc.  This allows oxygen to more quickly transfer from our lungs and throughout our system to accommodate the new load being placed on your muscles.  But, there is a point at which you’ve reached your limit.  No matter how fast you’re breathing, how deep your breathing, you’ve reached your maximum oxygen uptake.

I’ve also read that you can train your body to increase this level, although it gets more difficult with age.  Well, really, what doesn’t?

I’d like to know more about this and find evidence to support it as well as techniques to improve my breathing as I run.  My daughter, an avid runner, has talked about my being able to control my breathing as I run.  She has said, several times, “if you can concentrate on your breath and manage it, you can run forever. But, the minute you lose control, it’s really difficult to regain that control.”

I haven’t been able to run since my surgery and I still won’t be able to until the end of November.  However, when I start training again, and I WILL, this is one thing I will have researched and hopefully have a better understanding of.  Then, it also makes me curious.  So much of our body can be self-healed with oxygen (hence, the bariatric chambers).  If you can learn to control your maximum oxygen uptake, what would that mean for your health and wellness, in general, not just while exercising?

Hmmmmmmm. . .deep breath in. . .. deep breath out.

Happy Saturday everyone!



National Health Blog Post Month, Day 2 November 2, 2012

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Day 2-Write about the weirdest thing about your health

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Apparently, Mr. Einstein did NOT know anyone with diabetes.

This has to be the most frustrating piece of the diabetes puzzle.  I can, literally, eat the same thing, at the same time of day, with the same amount of insulin administered and get a different BG (Blood Glucose) reading every time.  And, I’m not talking about a small difference of 10-20 points.  For example, on Sunday, I had oatmeal for breakfast and my BG only went up to 147 before coming back down.   Today, same time of day, same oatmeal, same amount of insulin and my BG shot up to 268, before leveling off and heading back down.

When I mention a high BG, many times, someone will ask, “Well, what did you do?”  Well, oftentimes, nothing different.  So many factors affect your BG throughout the day, other than carbohydrates and insulin; stress, body temperature, infections, sleep. . .I can control some of these factors, but not all of them, all of the time.

So for those of you who’d ask, “What did you do?”  Here’s my answer EVERY.TIME.“I attempted to act as my own pancreas.  However, I AM NOT A PANCREAS and I can only do so much to maintain a healthy BG level.”

As I visited with my Dr. today he made a joke about fixing my low BG by eating a pizza and watching the Chiefs game.  Yep, that’d fix it alright!  The pizza would keep me high for at least 10 hours and the Chiefs?  Hmmmmm  I’m likely to NEVER go low again, if I try to watch them play football.

Which brings us back to the definition of insanity. . .doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  I’m changing up my game plan, HOW ABOUT YOU, CHIEFS?  I’d like to watch a game without having my blood pressure AND my BG’s rise!

Happy Blue Friday everyone!  Hug someone with diabetes today!


It’s National Health Blog Post Month! November 1, 2012

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Day 1- Why I write about my health

I’ve signed up to participate in NHBPM for the last couple of years.  Unfortunately, I never make it past the second week.  I get too busy thinking about other things, projects. . . SQUIRREL!

But, this is an easy prompt to answer.  I write about my health because I want others out there, going through the same struggles, to know they’re not alone, and hopefully share some ideas that have worked for me or others that didn’t.

You’re NEVER alone.
This world is a big place.  There are a lot of people, each with their own difficulties, pressures, illnesses and worries.  You know that great feeling when you run into someone who knows EXACTLY what you’re going through?  It’s magical.

Somewhere out there, there’s a woman who’s just been diagnosed with breast cancer and her Dr. said they’re going to do this. . .this. . thing, with needles and . . .oh, it’s so hard to remember what he said.  I really didn’t hear anything after he said, “cancer.”  Is this going to hurt?  How will I feel after?  Can I go back to work?  I wish I could ask someone. . .  That’s who I write for.  Hi, I’m Barb and I’ve had breast cancer and I’m 19 months out from that dreadful day and let me help you know what to expect and what some of those big words mean.

In another city, there’s someone who’s just been diagnosed with diabetes.   They’re office-mate says; “hey, my grandma had diabetes. . they cut off her feet. . .then, she died.”
Hi, I’m Barb and I’ve had diabetes since 2009.  While it was really overwhelming at first, I PROMISE you will make sense of it.  Take my hand. . .let me show you some tricks I learned from other online writers.

I say it all the time. . but, since this is what I’m writing about today, I’ll say it again.
This journey of health and wellness is like being on a dirt road.  Some people are further ahead, they were diagnosed a long time ago.  Some are behind, they just found out their pancreas stopped working, or they have a lump.  The people up ahead, had others pointing the way and now they turn back to those just starting the journey and call to them. . .”hey, follow me, I’ll show you the way.  Watch out for that rut in the road and the river off to the side.” One day, it’ll be your turn to turn back and help someone else along the way.  Until then, here’s my hand, here’s my heart, listen for a familiar voice. . .follow along, we’ll do this together.


Be Deliberate; Celebrating Life’s Sweet Victories June 22, 2012

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Happy Diaversary to ME!

This was me LAST year. . celebrating:

Why do I recognize the anniversary of such an awful day; the day of my diabetes diagnosis? Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, it’s all about celebrating the victories won.

There have definitely been battles lost. Diabetes may have contributed to the very quick growth of my breast cancer. Diabetes seems to have lengthened the lifespan of the peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs, originally caused by chemo. Having diabetes and cancer will exclude me for an individual life insurance or medical insurance policy. Diabetes means I will never again enjoy the wonders of scuba diving (Unless I CAN find a school that will certify a T1 PWD, no luck yet.) Diabetes means I will continue to enjoy the groping of TSA officers. Diabetes means I will continue to carry a rather large purse around with me, with all my gear.

These are not the things I celebrate.

Today, I celebrate the change in my nutrition and overall health. I’m probably healthier today than I was prior to my diagnosis. I celebrate the many, many friends, now considered family, I’ve come to love through the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). I celebrate the difference I can make in others’ lives because I’ve become an advocate. I celebrate what I’ve learned about my own health and body and the fact that I can spot a change much sooner than any Dr. can. I celebrate that I am living well with diabetes, in a time with modern conveniences like insulin pumps, simple glucometers, glucose tablets, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and fast-acting insulin. I celebrate my family, who don’t just rely on me telling them about diabetes; especially my DH, the best Type Awesome in the world, who has become an advocate himself. He is constantly researching, explaining, tweeting, writing, planning, organizing and explaining again to those around him. He’s owned this journey from the first day and I’m so fortunate to have him joined at the hip! I celebrate resources available to me, like Team WILD and our local JDRF AT1 group. And, the reason so many of us eat a big, ol’ sloppy, chocolaty gooey cupcake (or other form of sugary death on a plate? . . .to thumb our collective noses at the disease that would try to tell us “we can’t.”

There ARE things I can’t do with diabetes. . .there are so many more that diabetes can’t stop me from doing.

Be Deliberate about celebrating life’s sweet victories.


You can do this. . . June 15, 2012

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Happy Anniversary to the You Can Do This Project!!!!!

In case you’re not familiar with this AMAZING website, click on the name above, or HERE.

My friend, Kim, started this project a year ago TODAY.  What started with just a video and an idea has grown into an ever-available, inspiring movement within the Diabetes Online Community. (DOC)

This website features videos of people with diabetes (PWD) living well, struggling, working hard, worrying, managing, being real.  No matter your situation, you can go to this website and find someone, JUST LIKE YOU, encouraging you that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Face it, diabetes is tough.  Diabetes never takes a day off.  Diabetes is a progressive disease and it varies not only from person to person, but day-to-day in the same person.  You find there are days you feel victorious and others where you feel completely beat down.  This website offers real people, living real lives and encouraging others to do the same.  I am continually checking the site for new videos because somehow, diabetes is easier to tackle when you know you’re part of a world-wide offensive line.

Happy Anniversary to the You Can Do This Project!  I’m grateful that any time of day or night, I can turn to you for encouragement,  enlightenment, smiles, tears and REAL LIFE.

Because of you, I know that I CAN DO THIS!


When we get in the way of our own success. . . May 21, 2012

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We attended an event this week at Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, which had the potential of being AMAZING.  Unfortunately, one person got in the way of her own success and it really detracted from the event.

Before I get going here. . I want to add that all the volunteers, servers and staff were FABULOUS!  They were gracious and warm.  I was never told directions when asking where to find the restroom, the elevator or the event, I was always taken and shown by a smiling, interactive person.  Kudos on choosing such wonderful personnel to work your event!

And. . .Let me say:
I’ve had the privilege of planning large-scaled events for work and other causes, so I will consider myself a bit of a specialist on the subject.  I’ve hosted as many as 250, and as few as 5.  I’ve been involved with differing types of events as well: sit-down breakfasts, buffets, evening cocktails, customers, board members, the CEO of a VERY large organization coming to  town to greet his troops on the ground.  I feel that each event was a success, as the response has always been favorable.

So, “Lady in the Bright White Suit”, here’s where I think you got in the way. . .and I’ll turn the spotlight on me at the end.

First of all, you only wear a blinding white suit to an event like this if you want to be seen and stand-out.  I appreciate the fact that you were “in charge” here, but whenever I’ve been “in charge” I try to blend into the crowd and bring the speakers to the fore-front.  I want each of my guests to feel that THEY are the most important person attending. . .THEY are the reason I threw this party.  If you wanted the guests to know you were in charge and able to answer questions, you should’ve been wearing the same shirt as your staff so we would know you were approachable.

You were ill-prepared.  Rather than talking about yourself, your church, your pastor and his wife, etc.  I would’ve liked to have more time hearing about the speakers, their backgrounds and their experiences.  You had a moderator present. . step back and let her moderate.  You didn’t even have the forethought to learn about HER accomplishments prior to introducing her.  AND, BTW. . LADA Diabetes stands for Latent-Autoimmune-Diabetes of an Adult.  Not “Ladened Auto. .uh. .latered. .uh, diabetes.”  This was so important to me, because it’s MY diagnosis too.  If you’re going to throw a party for a specific group of people, learn their lingo.

I know your church was sponsoring this event, however, the volunteers and church members present should’ve been sitting near the back of the room, rather than at the front three tables.  Most of them didn’t even have diabetes!  All of the PWDs (people with diabetes), asking questions were sitting in the back of the room and either had a hard time hearing or being heard when asking a question.

Even I know. . if you’re going to serve a buffet lunch during an event, open the buffet earlier so people are finished asking questions about the food and being served PRIOR to having your speakers begin.  One of the speakers, from whom I REALLY wanted to hear, was having to speak over the serving line conversations the entire tim. PWDs will always need to have conversations with servers regarding the food being placed on their plates.  We shouldn’t have to choose whether we’re listening to a speaker (the reason for our attending in the first place) or the server letting us know the ingredients in the soup.

Speaking of being able to hear. . .
It is SO VERY DISTRACTING for you to stand in the MIDDLE of the room gesturing to the speakers that you think they should speak with more gusto.  Seriously, you wandered all over the room as if you were an aerobics instructor, making all kinds of motions and mouthing instructions to your staff, who obviously had no idea what you were doing. Next time, if the sound quality is such a factor to the presentation, test the microphones prior to the event, then test them again, and maybe one more time.   If you want your guests to have a good time, be as invisible as possible .  .that’s always been my M.O.

Allow enough time for Q&A
I would like to add here that if you’d not spent as much time talking about yourself, your church and the pet names you have your Pastor’s wife, there may have been more time for the wonderful questions your audience had been asking.

These events need to ALWAYS be focused on your audience.  You had some wonderful, kind, grateful guests there.  They had fantastic questions.  Each one I interacted with stated that they were really looking forward to learning from the speakers.  I hope they didn’t go home feeling cheated.

I have attended a diabetes event at Samuel U Rodgers Health Center in 2009, just after diagnosis.  That event was warm, inviting and well-run.  Whomever planned that event, should be left in charge, because I felt that the focus was on diabetes, patient self-management of their disease, etc.

Why does all this matter anyways?  I mean, it was a free event, free food and time to get together with other PWDs to learn some new things.  Of course, I have thought about this ever since I attended and have come to the conclusion that I oftentimes get in the way of my own success too.

I wear the “flashy white suit” of wanting to be noticed on occasion.  Who doesn’t?  I am also a Christian and try to remember the first shall be last.  My goal is to always elevate others before me, but, I’m human and will admit that I like being noticed too.  There is a little bit of green streak that runs through me when I hear of cool trips others are taking and invitations to attend pharma events or other D-related conferences.   I’m so happy for them, but, I just wish I were able to go to.  Who doesn’t want to be included in the fun, right?

Sometimes I’m ill-prepared to face the challenges life has thrown at me.  I can choose to remain that way, or I can choose to learn all I can, every day, to be ready to fight, to help or to teach.  If I’m going to present information regarding a medical condition (or two), even with the disclaimer that I’m not a medical professional, I need to make sure my information is well-researched and thought through.  Anytime I speak, write or have an opinion, I want to be prepared.

There are times in which I have mis-placed people in my life.  I have made some more important than they probably should’ve been and discounted others who really needed to be “sitting at the front tables.”  A common example of what I’m trying to say here is. . there are times when work seems to take precedence over family.  We may be working on a volunteer project that takes more time than it should and our kids feel ignored.  It’s important to know who is really important to you and let them know that by seating them up close to you.

Sometimes I “serve lunch while someone is talking.” The people we care about should never be part of a multi-tasking exercise. There are times when we need to stop, look someone in the eye and hear what they’re saying to us.  How many times have I been with someone and distracted by my phone, my email, my text messages, pinterest, facebook or twitter.  I want to give people the attention they deserve.  Sometimes, they can change your life!

I don’t want to stand around directing people with motions and lip service.  I want to be prepared enough to make sure everyone can be heard, prior to giving them the floor.  They deserve to be heard and I need to step out of the way and not distract from their message.

I need to remember to stop talking about what I think is important and learn what is important to my audience, whether that audience is the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), my family, my church, my neighbors or a stranger that lands on my blog.

The reason I write this blog, is to share my experience and let others know they are not alone.  I try to share information that has been helpful for my diabetes and cancer treatments.  I hope you’re able to hear my heart as you read my words.  If not, I give you permission to call me out.  Just address your comments to “The Lady in the Bright White Suit.”

Be deliberate about getting out of the way. . .


Eat MORE! What? March 29, 2012

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Today was EPIC!

Okay, maybe not. . but, it was busy and I learned alot and I’m going to share.

After work, I had an appointment at KC Cancer Center with “KL”, a dietitian.  Since I’ve changed so much in my diet, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something important and I wanted to find out why I’m losing weight soooooo slowly.  After introductions, we talked about what I’m eating, my diabetes, my insulin to carb ratios, my basal rates.  SHE’S SMART!!!!

So, apparently, I’m eating everything I should.  I’m doing all the right stuff, but just not enough.  I mean, I’m eating the right foods, but need to eat more AND add more carbs.  I know, I know, my friend “C” told me that a couple of months ago.  (Thanks, Squee!  I believed you, I just don’t know HOW.)  So, KL bumped up my daily calories, my daily carbs, etc. . .Now, I need to work it into my day.  It’ll take a little more planning, but will be worth it.

I realize that I’ve told you all how I’ve changed my diet, but haven’t been very specific.  So let me remedy that.

Here are my SUPER foods that I eat:
LOTS of water
Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries
Chia Seeds and Flax Seed
Coconut (oil, milk, shredded)
Almonds and pecans
and popcorn.  Ok, popcorn isn’t necessarily a SUPER food, but it sure makes me smile!

I’ve also mentioned my green smoothie before, but haven’t given you a recipe.  This is my morning sunshine!
1 C almond milk
1/2 medium banana
1/2 C blueberries
2 big-grip hands full of spinach and/or kale
blend for 20 seconds or so, then add
2 T flax seed meal
1 T chia seeds
1 pkg stevia
blend for another 20-30 seconds and enjoy!

This ends up being about 270 calories, 40 gms of carb, but SOOOO nutritious!

Sometimes I mix it up, add almond butter, more veggies or different berries.  But, most days, this is the way I start my day.  What SUPER foods do you use to start your day?  Do you find you eat the same things pretty regularly?  How have you tried to change it up a little?

This is me. . being deliberate about my nutrition.