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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 14 November 14, 2012

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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 14

Ok, last year, I completely fell of the wagon and decided to walk. . .this year, I fell of the wagon, chased it down and jumped back on! Day 14-Advice for dealing with negative feedback in your community.

I’ve always wondered about people who watch something on TV, complain about it, on and on and on, yet tune in the following week for the never-ending saga. Whether it’s swearing, product placement, sexual innuendo or any other distasteful content, they gripe and talk and make noise, yet they still tune in. It reminds me of the “watch” parties which used to be held by some on the religious right. They would actually watch a program and count the swear words and then report it to their followers. If you don’t like swear words, the best thing you can do is either:

Hit the channel selector to try a new station

Turn the darn thing OFF and have a conversation with your family!

They make money by being watched, hence, if you stop watching, stop buying the products advertised on their show, they will be off the air in no time. EASY-PEASY!

So, also, in our online communities there are all sorts of people, all sorts of diseases represented, all sorts of “cures” and remedies and helpful advice. There are also all sorts of angry, bitter, hateful people and still others who are trying to sell you their miracle cure. How do I deal with these people? The same way I deal with the distasteful television show or horribly violent movie. . I turn it OFF.

I don’t know about you. . but, I am particularly aware of how short my life is. I really don’t have time to be getting my “panties in a bunch” over what this person said or that. I want my time spent on building relationships, encouraging others, leaving a happy mark on this earth where I used to stand.

See that button on your keyboard? Yep, that one, way up on the right-hand side, just above the cursor keys and below “insert.” What does that say? It’s a magical key. . .DELETE.

This latest political season was THE WORST! I unfriended and deleted more followers than I care to admit. Not because their views differed from mine, but I don’t need to be bullied into voting for your guy. Seriously, you posting some mean, hateful message about how stupid these people or those people are. . .I don’t need it and it really isn’t going to convince me you’re right, just rude.

I especially like the “sweet” ones.

“Oh Lord, I just don’t understand how these otherwise intelligent people just don’t see that this man is the anti-christ. . .help them Lord Jesus.”

UGH! Just UGH!

So, here’s my standard. Have whatever feelings, convictions, thoughts, and impressions you want to have. Feel free to share them, but if you are overly negative, if you disparage ANY group of people, if you have very much swearing in your post, I’m going to hide it, hide you or delete you altogether. My life is short, too short to fill my head, my heart and my newsfeed with negativity and bitterness.


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