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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 5 November 5, 2012

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Day 5 – Health Activist Soapbox

So, today’s prompt is a soapbox.  You ready?  I am. . .

I understand that General Practitioners can’t possibly know everything, that’s why there are specialists.  But, for heaven’s sake, network with other Drs who can assist you with your patients! I was misdiagnosed in 2009 with T2 diabetes.  I understand it is unusual for a 46 year old to develop T1 Diabetes.  The reason this makes me angry is that my Dr. wouldn’t listen to me.  He said, on several occasions, “well, you just need to stop believing everything you read on the internet.”  Never mind that as he diagnosed me, he suggested I go to the websites of Mayo Clinic, and the American Diabetes Association to learn about my disease.

While I expect that GPs can’t possibly know everything, I do expect them to know when they need more information.  I expect them to take continuing education hours to learn about the diseases that are being reported at an increasing rate.
I expect them to be able to say, you know what, you’ve got diabetes, let’s get you to a specialist to determine the type and the course of treatment.

This became an issue AGAIN recently as my husband had his annual physical.  His A1c was on the high-end of normal, but still within normal.  He didn’t get a call from the Drs office.  He didn’t have someone contact him to make an appointment for the conversation.  He received a form letter with such erroneous, offensive statements,  it made us angry.

It said, “Diabetes is a “disease” of eating.  Eat the wrong things and you’ll be sick.  Eat the right things and you’ll be able to reverse it.”

Really?  This is offensive on so many levels.  First, to put quotations marks around the word “disease” as if diabetes isn’t a real disease.  As if  people claim diabetes, but it’s not a real problem.  Secondly, they didn’t even bother to say what type of diabetes they are talking about.  Do they send this letter out to Type 1 patients? Children? Gestational?   Finally, all the the information that followed was ridiculous.  They followed the old standards of “don’t eat white foods.”

A few days after this letter came in, DH received a patient satisfaction survey from the clinic.  As you can imagine, he shared his thoughts and then some.  His final statement, was brilliant.  “I’m sure my wife, with Type1 Diabetes, would be happy to know that if she just eats right, she can reverse her diabetes.  If she stops eating white food, her pancreas will come back to life?”

Ok, so as I step down from my soapbox. . .let me make sense of this.  In my job, I am expected to know alot of things.  However, my boss also understands my level of education and experience and that I don’t know everything.  If I were to just say something, to have an answer, without regard to whether it is right or wrong. . .but it sounds good.  I WILL BE FIRED!  And I should be.  They expect that if I don’t know something, I say so.  They expect that if I’m working on a project and run into information that has changed or I don’t understand, I will use the resources at my disposal to solve the problem, or I will let them know that I DON’T KNOW.

Please. . .Drs.  If you don’t know about the new advances, technologies, treatments, recommendations related to diabetes, of any type, please either take some continuing ed, hang out with some Endos, or network with others who can provide the information you need.  Diabetes is being diagnosed at an alarming rate.  Estimates are that by 2030, 1:3 people will be diagnosed.  I would think that as a GP, looking at a catalog of courses to take. . something with diabetes in the title would be something you’d want to look at.

This is me, stepping off the soapbox now.  Left foot down, right foot down. . .walking away. . .**sigh**


One Response to “National Health Blog Post Month – Day 5”

  1. Sara Says:

    And then I got in a little disagreement with a GP (I believe) on Facebook when your husband posted about the letter. Sigh…

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