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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 4 November 4, 2012

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Day 4- What do you carry in your purse?

I will definitely say that being diagnosed with diabetes has definitely changed my fashion sense.  I HATE carrying a purse.  Prior to diagnosis, I would most often tuck my driver’s license and debit card in my back pocket and head out the door.  No longer. . .



Not only do I now carry a purse, I carry a LARGE purse, to include these items:

  • A small pouch
    • Glucose meter
    • Test strips
    • Lancet and extra needles
    • Medical insurance card
    • Letter of medical necessity
  • A larger pouch
    • A glucagon kit- a syringe filled with saline and a vial of powdered glucagon. This is an injection to be used if I should have a severely low blood sugar and be unconscious.
    • Pump supplies
      • An infusion set-this is the part that goes into my skin and includes the tubing.
      • A cartridge set-this is the part that holds the insulin in my pump.
    • A vial of insulin
    • Some syringes, in case my pump fails
    • An extra AA lithium battery
  • My continuous glucose monitor
  • Some sort of granola bar or an apple, or something.
  • Glucose tablets-I’m currently using Glucolift tablets.  Since I’ve changed my diet and am eating as organic and natural as I can, I also changed to these tablets. They have no artificial fillers or dyes and they’re quite TASTY!

Of course I also carry my credit cards and frequent shopper cards, my phone, lip balm and assorted other things that get lost in there.  But, the list above is what I MUST ALWAYS have with me.  Like it or not. . .I’m stuck with a really big bag. At least it’s quite fashionable!


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