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National Health Blog Post Month – Day 3 November 3, 2012

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Day three: I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.

VO2 Max

As I’ve been learning about running, I’ve heard this term.  As we exercise, our heart rate increase, our breath rate increase, etc.  This allows oxygen to more quickly transfer from our lungs and throughout our system to accommodate the new load being placed on your muscles.  But, there is a point at which you’ve reached your limit.  No matter how fast you’re breathing, how deep your breathing, you’ve reached your maximum oxygen uptake.

I’ve also read that you can train your body to increase this level, although it gets more difficult with age.  Well, really, what doesn’t?

I’d like to know more about this and find evidence to support it as well as techniques to improve my breathing as I run.  My daughter, an avid runner, has talked about my being able to control my breathing as I run.  She has said, several times, “if you can concentrate on your breath and manage it, you can run forever. But, the minute you lose control, it’s really difficult to regain that control.”

I haven’t been able to run since my surgery and I still won’t be able to until the end of November.  However, when I start training again, and I WILL, this is one thing I will have researched and hopefully have a better understanding of.  Then, it also makes me curious.  So much of our body can be self-healed with oxygen (hence, the bariatric chambers).  If you can learn to control your maximum oxygen uptake, what would that mean for your health and wellness, in general, not just while exercising?

Hmmmmmmm. . .deep breath in. . .. deep breath out.

Happy Saturday everyone!



One Response to “National Health Blog Post Month – Day 3”

  1. Very interesting! So there’s hope for me and running?! You learn it, then teach me, Ok?

    Seriously though, I’m so fascinated and intrigued (and intimidated) by how complex and miraculous our bodies are. Isn’t it something?

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