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Susan G. Komen, and what they did for me. October 12, 2012

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A few weeks ago, I “shared” a link on my Facebook page and was surprised at what an acquaintance from church wrote on my wall.  My first reaction is, “it’s my wall, I can write what I want.”  But, my feelings and convictions are a little more involved than that.  I’ve finally mustered my response:

So, it’s been a few days and I feel I’m able to respond to this without getting too emotional.

Susan G Komen has fallen under attack in the past year, first for pulling their funding from PP and then from restoring it. They can’t seem to please either side, so let me tell you what they did for me.

Susan G. Komen gave me my fight back. Last year, as I was finishing up chemotherapy, I was so weak, so beaten, so tired. At SGK I was able to meet hundreds of survivors, in one place, who had beaten cancer and were there to inspire me to do the same. They were sharing their stories of life lived well, post-cancer. They were sharing their accomplishments, their dreams, their relapses and 2nd and 3rd time victories. They helped me feel strong, alive and ready for the next battle.

No matter what anyone says. . .you can’t possibly come away the same after participating in the survivor’s parade. The crowd, the cheering, the tears, hugs and high-fives are the physical sound, sight and feel of all those messages I’d received from my friends and family over the previous months. I’d received beautiful cards, flowers, care-packages, meals, and people cleaning my home. This was a surreal moment for me as all those cards, prayers, and offers for help took a voice and cheered me on, loudly. . I gladly embraced them soaked in their strength, had a love for my own supporters burn within me and an appreciation for this 2nd chance at life. I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything, except the opportunity to avoid this cancer all together.

I have no problem with others choosing to not support SGK because of their national support of a program for free mammograms for the under-privileged. I don’t care if you don’t support SGK because you hate pink. All I know is there are hurting, frightened, beaten down, lonely women here who need to be loved. There are families who have lost their loved one to breast cancer and now they volunteer to keep that memory alive. They gather under the pink ribbon, not so much to find others, but to be found.

Christ compels me to be there, under that pink ribbon to welcome them. I  choose to love, to cheer, inspire, encourage, pray for, pray with, and provide for those whom I understand; the cancer survivor. You will have your own passion, your own voice, your own audience. All I ask, is that you find to whom you’ve been called and be there, wherever that is.

Jesus didn’t come for the well, they do not need healing. He came for those who are sick, dying, in pain, afraid, living with uncertainty, lonely, disturbed and living in darkness. I challenge you to go find them, love them, bring them to His feet. Sometimes, it requires you get your own feet and hands dirty.


3 Responses to “Susan G. Komen, and what they did for me.”

  1. wandikweza Says:

    Let love continue to lead

  2. Sara Says:

    I’m obviously not the one who posted on your facebook wall (although I would love to live close enough to you to go to your church). I am glad you had a positive experience with Susan G. Komen. I wonder if part of it is based off individual chapters (like JDRF) because I have heard of other people who have lived through breast cancer and found that Komen just continued to hound them for donations when it was their turn to actually need support. I’m glad the organization exists and I hope I NEVER need to use it!

    • babscampbell Says:

      Hey Sara!
      I would LOVE to have you live closer and attend church with us.
      The person that objected, did so because the national organization provided funding to Planned Parenthood for free and low-cost mammograms.
      And, she is opposed to other services offered by PP.
      I think you may be correct in how individual affiliates are being run. I have never once been asked to give any money to the organization. It’s a given, that if you’re participating in the walk, you are trying to raise funds for the local organization. But, I have to say, I have received only support and opportunities to share my story.
      Thanks, as always for your support of me and the org. I too hope you NEVER, EVER have to take advantage of their services. ❤

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