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The JOY of waking up with diabetes. . . July 23, 2012

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I used to, fairly consistently, wake up with high blood glucose (BG) readings; 140 or so, rising as I showered and prepped for my day, and 190 by the time I was ready to eat breakfast. Ugh. It didn’t matter what my numbers looked like when I went to bed.  I could turn-in for the night with a 102 and still wake up high.  Once I went on the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) we realized my body was, in fact, rebounding from overnight lows.  As my BG would drop in the 2:00am range, my body would react by releasing glucose into my system. . .and continue until I ate.

Well, now that I’m exercising. . things have changed.

I woke up this morning at 60, ate some glucose tablets, turned my pump down by 50% waited 15 minutes, test again. . . .54. Really?  Eat more glucose tablets, turn my pump off waited another 15 minutes. . .52. I was functioning ok and thought I might get up and try to get ready while the glucose tablets started working.  But, getting in a hot shower just makes the insulin, sitting in your fat tissues at the infusion site, start diffusing and entering your body.  I really didn’t need that to happen. . so, I wait.  Finally after 45 minutes, my BG was at 70.  So, now, we change up the morning routine all together. 

Eat first, then shower and get ready.  I’m already 30 minutes behind. . .frustration!

But, the joy is that I woke up when I did and was able to treat the low BG with a level of coherency.  I was late to work, feeling a little frazzled that I was off my schedule, buy I made it in.  I can now choose how the rest of my day will unfold.   Let’s choose to make it a good day, full of wonder, laughter, joy and some really good food!

Be deliberate . . .choose the type of day you’ll have and make it happen.


One Response to “The JOY of waking up with diabetes. . .”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Like you, I also get frazzled when the morning routine is knocked off by d.

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