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This very small planet. . . July 22, 2012

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Thanks to technology. . the world is shrinking; not physically, scientifically losing mass, but bringing people closer together than ever before.

There are quite a few blogs I follow.  Some days, I can’t even believe I keep clicking to follow yet, another.  I usually let all the posts pile up and read through them in one sitting, on a slow day.  Today was that day.

I was reading “” and realized she lives in Austraila.  AUSTRALIA!  Then, of course, whenever we mention Australia, our thoughts turn immediately to Simon and last year’s Simonpalooza.  I have people I care about, very much, in Australia.

Then, as I scrolled through my feed, I realized I have friends all over the world, all over the U.S., EVERYWHERE!

Technology has a wonderful way of bringing people together.
My DH is currently in Malawi, working on a construction project to build two surgical suites in an existing medical clinic.  Before he left, we’d searched online for Malawi, culture, food, monetary exchange, government, etc. so he’d have a decent grasp of this country, on which he was about to leave his mark.  He was still surprised when he arrived.

Technology is a wonder. . .keeping people in touch.  We’ve talked on the phone several times since he arrived, he’s emailed some pictures of his room, his bed with the mosquito netting around it, the lake outside his hotel room.  But as he’s driven through the country and seen the roads, the people, the orphanage. . it’s been shocking that technology has not graced this country as of yet.

He drove from the capital city of Lilongwe to Salima, and he stated it was surprising to see that walking is still the main form of transportation.  Steady streams of people lined the highway as they traveled to Drs. appointments, purchasing supplies, etc. Even out “in the middle of nowhere” there would be a family or a couple traveling along the roadside with supplies.

The other thing he mentioned this morning, is typical for him.  He’s a weather guy.  He LOVES the weather, watching the weather, reading about the weather, predicting the weather.  His first question every single morning is; “have you seen the weather on tv yet?”  So with that in mind. . .As he checked into the hotel he was chatting with the employees.  It’s winter there now, the rainy season.  The hotel is fairly empty, not many tourist come to the lake during the rainy season.  (He guessed it’s about 80 degrees there today.)  So, the hotel employee says, “oh, but in the hot season, we are very, very busy.”  DH asks, so how hot does it get here? about 40C?  The man just looked at him, with a glazed expression.  No one there owns a thermometer, they just know they have the rainy season, the hot season and the really, really hot season.  Who needs a thermometer anyways?  You know when it’s hot, right?

So, I will be grateful for the technology that keeps DH and I talking, while I’m in the middle of the U.S. and he’s in the middle of Africa.  I am grateful that we can skype and facetime with our family living around the country.  I continue to be inspired by bloggers, from every corner of the world.  But, I also want to be present. . here and now.  I like looking someone in the eye when I speak with them.  I love to feel my feet hit the pavement.  I like know it’s hot, without having to quantify it.  

What’s the one technology you could put down for a day?


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