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You can do this. . . June 15, 2012

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Happy Anniversary to the You Can Do This Project!!!!!

In case you’re not familiar with this AMAZING website, click on the name above, or HERE.

My friend, Kim, started this project a year ago TODAY.  What started with just a video and an idea has grown into an ever-available, inspiring movement within the Diabetes Online Community. (DOC)

This website features videos of people with diabetes (PWD) living well, struggling, working hard, worrying, managing, being real.  No matter your situation, you can go to this website and find someone, JUST LIKE YOU, encouraging you that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Face it, diabetes is tough.  Diabetes never takes a day off.  Diabetes is a progressive disease and it varies not only from person to person, but day-to-day in the same person.  You find there are days you feel victorious and others where you feel completely beat down.  This website offers real people, living real lives and encouraging others to do the same.  I am continually checking the site for new videos because somehow, diabetes is easier to tackle when you know you’re part of a world-wide offensive line.

Happy Anniversary to the You Can Do This Project!  I’m grateful that any time of day or night, I can turn to you for encouragement,  enlightenment, smiles, tears and REAL LIFE.

Because of you, I know that I CAN DO THIS!


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