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I can’t do alot. . but I can do SOMETHING. . . May 30, 2012

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This year, I am walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life on June 8th.  If you click on the title there, you’ll go to my profile page.

As a person with diabetes, I am involved in the online community and am a Diabetes Advocate.  I’ve led support groups and taught anyone who’ll listen about diabetes.  I’ve rallied my city to participate in the Blue Monument Challenge, in November and the Planning Commission of our fair town wears blue on November 11th, World Diabetes Day, during their televised meeting.  Whenever I hear of a PWD coming to town. . I try to rally the others for a D-meetup.  It’s not much, it’ll never be enough, but it’s SOMETHING.

As a cancer survivor. . .I haven’t had the opportunity to do much. . yet.

I participate in an exercise class with other survivors, and hopefully they feel support from me as I try to be an encouragement.  I’ve blogged, about my experience and shared my story whenever anyone is willing to listen.  I’ve also attended support groups.  Last year, I participated (by wheelchair) in the Susan G. Komen walk.  It was a tremendously moving experience for me and quite a moment when I stood to walk across the finish line, unaided, on my own two feet.  I really don’t feel I’ve done much in the way of supporting the cause of fighting cancer.

So here we go. . .

I’ve chosen this walk for this year because it allows me to pay tribute to other survivors as well as providing a way for me to honor the memory of those I’ve lost.  Cancer touched my life far before my diagnosis in March of 2011.

My very first memory of losing someone I loved was when I was 5.  My grandmother died of liver cancer and while I don’t remember much from that time. . .I do remember I loved being with her, she let me eat ketchup out of a bowl with a piece of bread and she let me throw water on my Uncle T’s face, when he wouldn’t get up in the morning.

Since that time, cancer has taken or touched lives all around me.  I’ve lost quite a few people, including my Dad, an uncle, an aunt, a dear friend.  I’ve also been inspired by many who have beaten the dreaded “C” and those who continue to fight for each new day.

If you’ve been touched by cancer, please help me pay tribute to them all.  Leave a comment below with the name of your loved one and whether they are a survivor or you’re listing their name in memoriam. I will carry the list of survivors during the survivors’ lap and the others as I complete the remaining laps.  Each name will be read, remembered and a part of my walk. As you have all been a part of my journey. . .you should all be a part of my remembrance.

If you’d prefer to keep your names private, just leave initials or their relationship to you.  You’ll know they are being remembered that day and that’s all that’s really important.

Thanks for helping me make something more of this event than just another fund raiser.

Be deliberate.

BTW. . I’m honored to have had this post chosen for “Best of ‘Betes Blogs,” June 2012.  Thanks!


19 Responses to “I can’t do alot. . but I can do SOMETHING. . .”

  1. babscampbell Says:

    I’ll start:
    In memory of: Grandma A, Dad, Uncle L, Aunt G, Pop Mc, Que, Gpa Jay, Brad, Kathy, NB’s sisters, Becky’s Mom
    In honor of: Mom, Pop C, Bryan, Dawn, Nancy,Yui, Tami, Teresa, Sharon, Mari, Donny, Becky’s Sis, JudyH, Scott’s Mom

    Your turn. . .

  2. Colleen Says:

    I will donate to this but – much as I hate getting on an ACS mailing list…
    My mom, who died of cancer, was born on June 8th. Her name was Betty Desmond.

    • babscampbell Says:

      Thanks Colleen! Betty will walk the track with me on her birthday! I’m sure you miss her terribly. . I know I can’t even talk about my Dad yet, without being a water-fountain, and it’s been 4 years.
      Thanks for your support for my walk as well! I hope there are boxes you can check or uncheck to avoid getting too much mail and/or email. You’re a GEM!

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  4. Sara Says:

    In memory of my Aunt Peggy, please.

    She was one in a million and my “older twin” because the family joked that we shared all the same “quirks” right down to our left-handedness.

    They thought she had Type 2 diabetes, but it was actually pancreatic cancer and it took her WAY to quickly!

  5. kim Says:

    i want to thank you for doing this. as you said most of us have been touched one way or another by cancer. in my family there are those that have fought the fight and lost, those that have fought the fight and won, and some that are just beginning their fight. i pray for all of them and now i will include you in my prayers as well.

  6. Sarah Jane Says:

    I can’t donate right now but I do donate every year I can to ACS because of my grandmother, Carolyn Blacksher.

    She was a magnificent woman in every way. My brother and I were both very close to her. She went out of her way to be the best grandmother she could. But that wasn’t her only duty. She was heavily involved in church and other activites. She was a teacher for many years. She opened a fried pie shop in Branson, Missouri for weary travelers craving filled fried pies. They were amazing and delicious. This was before I was dx with diabetes, so I didn’t even need to worry about the carbs. She was an artist. We still have several of her paintings. And the best part was, she loved and cared about everyone around her. My mom says that when she was a teenager (and the best part of this is that it’s my dad’s mom), my grandma was, before she was her mother in law, one of her number one confidants. She really understood teens and wanted to be there for them in a way their parents weren’t, or couldn’t be.

    She passed away after a long struggle with breast cancer in 1994. I was only 7 years old. My brother was 5 and to this day he struggles with it. I do too, sometimes. It was very hard to lose someone so important to us when we were so young. I can’t believe it’s been 18 years.

    While you were battling cancer, Barb, it was very hard for me. I could only think of my grandmother but didn’t want to speak of her in the time you needed strength. But I am so thankful you are still here today, my Kansas City mom. Thanks for doing this. You are another amazing woman, very much like my grandmother.

    • babscampbell Says:

      What a beautifully written tribute to your Grandmother! Thanks for sharing her story Sarah. I’m certainly grateful for you, your smile, your laughter, and your willingness to drive to KC to see us! I love being your KC Mom and would adopt you all over again! Ms. Carolyn will walk the track with me next week and you will continue walking with me through my own journey. Thank you.

  7. Desi Chick Says:

    In memory of my friend and yours, Peggy, my grandma (nani) and my grandfather (nana), my cousin Shofi, who was diagnosed died within the same month. Kick butt and take those names, Barb!

    • babscampbell Says:

      That I will do Tahmina! I’ve thought of Peggy alot this past year and your gracious care of her in those last days. I will carry these loved ones with a prayer on my lips for you and your servant’s heart. Love you!

  8. Rayna Says:

    I walk in the ACS here in honor of my Aunt Ruelene. She was an amazing woman, she took me under her wing after the death of my dad. Even at my young age (5) I felt her love and concern for me. She died from Leukemia leaving behind 7 children.

    Love and miss you Barb.

    • babscampbell Says:

      Thank you, Rayna, for adding your Aunt’s name. I think your walk in her honor each year is such a wonderful way of honoring her memory.

      My Aunt died a year ago Christmastime. She tended my brother and me after school for quite a few years. She was a fabulous cook and spent alot of time in the kitchen and making her house a home. Every day after school, we’d put my cousins in the stroller and we’d walk to Market Basket grocery store. As she shopped for meat for that evening’s meal, she’d hand us each a giant pickle to start gnawing on. To this day, everytime I eat a pickle I think of her and our daily trek to buy dinner. It’s funny how something, like a pickle, can bring so many memories flooding back, eh?

      I will gladly carry Aunt Ruelene’s name with me next week. I love and miss you too! We need to get you out here for a visit some time!

  9. Sara Says:

    Thank you for walking for my aunt. It really meant a lot to see her name on your arm! ❤

    I really miss her.

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  11. thinkbluewearblue Says:


    You’re doing a great job!! It’s a blessing to have you as a friend:)

    Zina Bean (aunt)
    Eric Kinchelow (uncle)
    Chrissy Mason (friend)

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