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Being deliberate about worrying. . or not. . . May 22, 2012

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I was struck by ONE word in the devotional I’ve been reading.  It’s actually from yesterday’s entry, but this one phrase keeps jumping back to the front of my mind:

“I offer abundant Life; your part is to trust ME,” . . .here it is. . .are you ready?. . .”refusing to worry about anything.”
Jesus Calling Devotional Journal

REFUSING to worry. .That’s such an interesting way to word it.  I guess I picture the act of ‘not worrying’ as much more passive.  You know, letting it sit there on the table like cold eggs served at a greasy restaurant.  This is saying we should REFUSE to worry.  That means we look at those cold eggs and take action.  We must call the server over, explain the reason for our complaint and REFUSE the plate. Send it back to the kitchen and risk upsetting the cook.  Now, THERE’S something to worry about!

What are you doing with your cold eggs today?  Have you sent them back?  Have you faced your fears, your bad news, your medical report, your empty checkbook, your what-ifs and sent them back to the kitchen?  It’s really one meal at a time, right?  You find yourself having to do this over and over, every. single. day.




Lord, if they don’t stop serving me cold eggs, give me the courage to send them back from whence they came!

I’ll have a plate of crispy grace with a side of trust please.  Don’t hold anything back.



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