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What they should know. . . May 18, 2012

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I have written several blog posts this week, but for some reason haven’t uploaded them. Maybe I’m using the 24-hour rule and waiting before I make my feelings public and in writing.  I’m not sure. . .I’ll reread them all and perhaps have a post-fest this weekend and put them all up there.

Today’s D-Blog prompt is: What They Should Know. . .

What do I wish others new about my diabetes?  Plenty, but I think the most important thing is what I’ve read many, many others mention today.  You can do everything right, the same way at the same time every day and get different results.

The last time I saw my Oncologist, she asked about my blood glucose (BGs) numbers.  At the time, I had just changed my entire diet and had significantly lowered my insulin use.  However, I’d had a couple of days with mysterious highs.  I mentioned this to her, adding that perhaps I’m fighting off an infection somewhere or maybe I’m lacking in sleep.  Her response? “ Why don’t you just take some more insulin? I mean, you eat, you take insulin, everything stays level, right?”  Well, in theory yes. . but in reality, not even close.

I think if you journal your food choices every day, you’ll find you pretty much eat the same things all the time.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. . it is just how we are.  But, just because I had a banana at breakfast yesterday and bolused 3units (took insulin) and then I had a banana this morning and bolused 3units for it, doesn’t mean my BG will the same in two hours as it was yesterday after two hours.

There are factors that affect your BG, that you can’t know about ahead of time or adjust for.  Changes in temperature, stress, caffeine, hydration, low-grade infection, lack of sleep, hidden ingredients in your food, all of these can change your BG and you wouldn’t have been able to compensate for it when you took your insulin.  So, 2-hours after eating, I check my BG again and if it’s under 180 I’m pretty happy, knowing that it will continue dropping over the next hour or a little longer.  But, sometimes, it’s over 200 and I can’t think of a single reason why.  I take a correction bolus, walk the stairs a few times, drink a bunch of water.  Sometimes it comes right down and sometimes, it’s as stubborn as I am, and it just hovers.

You don’t have to point a finger and ask, “what did you do wrong?”  I’m already there. .

Did I calculate that meal properly?
Did I calculate the bolus properly?
Are there bubbles in my tubing, keeping me from getting the proper amount of insulin?
Is my infusion site wet or smelling of insulin?
Did I just open a new bottle of insulin?  Could it be bad already?  Check the date!
Did I wash my hands before testing?  Could lotion or something be making me artificially high?



I will bolus one more time from my pump and if my BGs don’t come down, I’ll use a syringe and change out my infusion site (the tubing that puts the insulin into my body).  I drink a bunch of water and wait. . .wait. . .wait.

I know all these other factors can affect me. . but, those around me don’t.  They ask what I ate, or tell me I shouldn’t really be eating that. . right?  Some may even judge and tell others, “ I have a friend with diabetes.  She doesn’t control it very well.”  I KNOW that happens.  I’ve done it.

I used to work with a guy that we would occasionally find  wandering in the middle of a busy intersection at lunchtime because he’d bolus for lunch, run into someone in the lobby and start chatting, delaying his meal and end up so low he was unable to communicate his need.  He’d wander out of the building and stumble into the intersection looking for food.

I was looking for a file in his desk one time and found a 5lb bag of candy and I was sure he wasn’t taking care of himself. I was angry that he would put us all through so much worry, while he’s sitting around eating candy.  CANDY-HE’S A DIABETIC!  WHY IS HE EATING CANDY?

I KNOW I said that about this poor guy.  I was wrong. I’m SO sorry GL!

I now have smarties and glucose tablets all over my office, in my desk, in the kitchen, etc.  I keep nuts, trailmix and fruit all over my office so I can hopefully catch a low on the way down, before I get there.  The delicate balancing act is to be able to live my normal life, go to work, eat meals and keep my BG as level as possible. I can try.

What do I wish they knew?  Diabetes is manageable, but it takes work and I can’t adjust for every single factor affecting my BGs.  I can do the same thing, day after day and every single day have a different result.  I’m not careless. . .I’m also not a pancreas.

Hug a person with diabetes today!  I plan to. . .Scott J is coming to town!!!!!






5 Responses to “What they should know. . .”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Nicely written! Have a great weekend with the DOC!

  2. Paige Says:

    Insightful, WOW.
    I applaud your efforts & attitude!

  3. shannon Says:

    yes yes yes all of this is so true and well put, thank you!

    have a great time with scott and the gang this weekend!

  4. Sara Says:

    This right here – “You don’t have to point a finger and ask, “what did you do wrong?” I’m already there. ”

    That’s what I want people to know.

  5. Amen sister! I’ll hug to that! 🙂

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