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Turning Point Center for Hope and Healing May 8, 2012

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If you are in the KC Metro Area and deal with a chronic condition, or if you are a caretaker, you may want to check out Turning Point, located in Shawnee Mission, KS.  This center provides information, classes, etc. for complimentary care of chronic diseases.  They have clients dealing with cancer, diabetes, MS, arthritis, lupus. . .practically any chronic condition you can think of.

**BTW, I have not been asked to provide this information, review or compensated in any way.  I just visited last week and thought this is a program worth sharing.**

I recently attended a pain management class at KCCC, and the class moderator was from Turning Point.  She gave us guided imagery cds and a Turning Point calendar, listing their many, many available classes.  I sent an email to the Dir of Adult Programs (CP) and she replied right away. . not only with my registration details, but with an invitation to come in, meet her, tour the facility and determine if there were any additional programs that would benefit me and my recovery.  Wow!

I met with CP last week for 1.5 hours.  We toured the facility and she pointed out the body movement room, the library, the Jin Shin Jyitsu room, the children’s areas.  There is an amazing garden in the back of the property with a winding path and creek, rose bushes, benches and plenty of space to meditate and forget you’re in the city.  It’s green, lush and like being in a forest.

We ended the tour in one of the group meeting rooms; large scaled comfy furniture and art everywhere.  She asked about my diagnosis and what brought me to Turning Point, why did I choose the specific classes, what type of support network I have, is there anything else that I need. . .she was very thorough and really wanted me to talk about my experience, which is such a gift.

I know I go on and on about my “conditions” and I am quite aware that not everyone wants to hear about it. . .it’s just so real, and top-of-mind every moment of every day and I can’t help but talk about it. Then, I feel bad for burdening the hearer. . it was nice to have some WANT me to talk about it ALL.

She then said something that made me laugh, because it confirmed something DH has said to me over and over. “You really are able to surround yourself with amazing people.”  DH says, “you are a collector of people.  Some collect stamps, some collect coins, you collect people.”  I agree. . I couldn’t be happier with my collection.

So, after identifying a few additional programs which may be of benefit, we went out to look at the lending library and “living” room.  This is a very comfortable, spacious room with cushy, upholstered furniture and bright lighting for reading.  There’s an entire wall of books for every kind of chronic condition I could imagine and shelves and shelves of nutrition and natural health titles.  I was in HEAVEN.  I chose a book, listed my name on the clipboard and thanked her again for her time, energy and care and promised I would be back;  May 10th to be exact. . for a nutrition class.


7 Responses to “Turning Point Center for Hope and Healing”

  1. Paige Holmes Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place and absolutely worth sharing about. I applaud you on your continueing education. nutrition is vital, I am learning on a slower path yet happy to be on the path.

  2. Melody Campbell Says:

    DD, We ALWAYS want to hear. And, yes, we continue to pray for anew/renewed ‘insulin maker.’ L & P mc

  3. Colleen Says:

    When we get to KC, I want to go there with you. It sounds wonderful and calm and just nice.
    “I know I go on and on about my “conditions” and I am quite aware that not everyone wants to hear about it”
    NEVER, ever – do I NOT want to hear about it. That’s what friends are for.
    And because of your collection, I got to meet you, Jon, Jess, Josh and Bob!

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