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Taking one of my two “passes.” April 5, 2012

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Today is Day 5 of the HAWMC.  I’m afraid I’m all used up today.  I looked through Flickr for quite a long time. . but, I’m just not inspired.

I spent the afternoon at the funeral for a 35 year old father and husband.  Such a young man, doing so much good. . .gone.  The building was packed, standing room only; a true testament to what he meant to so many.  Please pray for his sweet bride, “M” as she now faces her future without him at her side.  Also, remember their sweet 6 year old daughter as this has been a terrible blow to her, as well.

Then, we worked on our taxes. . .always a joy and privilege.   I worked on our daughter’s while he worked on ours.  I wish there was better news on so many fronts today.

Thanks for your continued support. . I’ll get creative tomorrow.  Have a good night.


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