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Why do I blog about diabetes and breast cancer? April 4, 2012

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Today is Day Four in the Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I knew NOTHING. It was frightening, overwhelming and I was angry that more information wasn’t available to me.  My Dr. had told me to search the web, but make sure I only look at well-known medical sites like the Mayo Clinic, etc.  I did that.  I quickly learned alot about my body, and diabetes.  But, it was missing the personal experience.  The Mayo Clinic website didn’t tell me anything about what “high” felt like, or what to expect on a personal level.

One night, I was on twitter and my husband suggested I type in #diabetes, just to see what people were saying.  And, there they were!  The people of the diabetes online community were sharing their experiences, their funny and scary stories, their latest battle and triumph.  I had finally found some personal experience to learn from.  I learned that many of these people wrote blogs. . so, I began surfing and subscribing to blog after blog.  I was so moved that people would share such personal details, yet these were the details that my Dr. couldn’t tell me.  These were the real, day-to-day experiences that would help me make decisions in the future.

So, now it’s my turn.  I blog, because the internet universe smiled upon me and helped me out of a really, dark place.  I’ve said it before, but, it’s my favorite analogy. . it’s as if we’re all on this road called diabetes, or breast cancer.  Some started the journey earlier than me, and others are just now joining us on this road.  Some walk briskly and others like to stroll and take their time.  I know there are people up ahead of me on this road.  They’ve turned back, waited for me and as we travel on together, they’ll point out where the potholes and ruts are.  “Hey, watch your step there!”  Even more importantly, there are people behind me and I feel it is now my responsibility to wait up for them and help point them to safety.

I blog because some of the information I searched  and searched for. . was no where to be found.  For example,  I couldn’t find ANY personal experiences to help me prepare for my sentinal node mapping procedure and I was scared to death and almost cancelled it. All I’d been told is that the radiology department will inject isotopes into my breast in 4 different locations and they’ll follow the isotopes to determine where the sentinal lymph nodes are.  I didn’t hear anything after, “inject into my breast. . . WHAT!”  I’ve since written about my procedure so the next gal that faces this horrible-sounding procedure will know what to expect and to ask for EMLA cream to help them get through it. (if you don’t want to look thru all my posts to find it. . EMLA is an anesthetic cream that numbs your skin.  I didn’t feel a thing!)

I blog because I’m a warrior who’s returned from the battlefield.  I’ve got some pretty obvious scars right now. . but, the next person stepping into that armor needs to know that it’s heavy and feels like it’ll weigh you down some days. . but, it will WORK and you can survive this.

I blog because someone, somewhere, wants to know they are not alone.  This is for YOU. . .I get it.  I really, truly do.


2 Responses to “Why do I blog about diabetes and breast cancer?”

  1. Debra Says:

    Thanks for “waiting up” for me, I truly appreciate it.

  2. Sara Says:

    Amen! I truly believe this should be the motivation of anyone who blogs!

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