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Eat MORE! What? March 29, 2012

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Today was EPIC!

Okay, maybe not. . but, it was busy and I learned alot and I’m going to share.

After work, I had an appointment at KC Cancer Center with “KL”, a dietitian.  Since I’ve changed so much in my diet, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something important and I wanted to find out why I’m losing weight soooooo slowly.  After introductions, we talked about what I’m eating, my diabetes, my insulin to carb ratios, my basal rates.  SHE’S SMART!!!!

So, apparently, I’m eating everything I should.  I’m doing all the right stuff, but just not enough.  I mean, I’m eating the right foods, but need to eat more AND add more carbs.  I know, I know, my friend “C” told me that a couple of months ago.  (Thanks, Squee!  I believed you, I just don’t know HOW.)  So, KL bumped up my daily calories, my daily carbs, etc. . .Now, I need to work it into my day.  It’ll take a little more planning, but will be worth it.

I realize that I’ve told you all how I’ve changed my diet, but haven’t been very specific.  So let me remedy that.

Here are my SUPER foods that I eat:
LOTS of water
Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries
Chia Seeds and Flax Seed
Coconut (oil, milk, shredded)
Almonds and pecans
and popcorn.  Ok, popcorn isn’t necessarily a SUPER food, but it sure makes me smile!

I’ve also mentioned my green smoothie before, but haven’t given you a recipe.  This is my morning sunshine!
1 C almond milk
1/2 medium banana
1/2 C blueberries
2 big-grip hands full of spinach and/or kale
blend for 20 seconds or so, then add
2 T flax seed meal
1 T chia seeds
1 pkg stevia
blend for another 20-30 seconds and enjoy!

This ends up being about 270 calories, 40 gms of carb, but SOOOO nutritious!

Sometimes I mix it up, add almond butter, more veggies or different berries.  But, most days, this is the way I start my day.  What SUPER foods do you use to start your day?  Do you find you eat the same things pretty regularly?  How have you tried to change it up a little?

This is me. . being deliberate about my nutrition.


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