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So, how’s that “work” thing goin? March 27, 2012

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I’ve been asked that more than a few times this past week and I’m happy to answer it.  I’m learning more about cancer related fatigue, my diet, my exercise  plan and my own expectations.

First, to answer the question, I’m LOVING my job.  I’ve said it before, but I love the people, the company, the job, the opportunity and the fact that I really do work for the BEST bank in the world.

I’m working 4 hours a day, thus far.  It’s not physically hard work, as I’m completing alot of training and organizing files, etc.  But, I am tired when I get home and usually take a little nap.  What’s really been surprising to me, is the weakness of my core muscles.  I’ve reclined and laid flat so long, that my back and stomach muscles just scream after I stand for more than 15 minutes or even sitting upright for an hour or so.  I keep squirming in my chair and finding ways to lean back to rest my back.

I went to a class, last week, called Get Energized.  It was offered by Kansas City Cancer Center and is part of their Wellness Program.  I love this center, which is where my Drs, infusion center, radiation, etc. are located.  They have made great effort to treat the whole person and not just zap the cancer cells.  Anyways. . this class is taught by SP.  She is enthusiastic, encouraging and full of good information.  Her background is in Exercise Physiology and she specializes in the care of cancer patients.  The bad news is. . I will be battling this fatigue for another year or so.  We spent a year pumping my  body full of poison and it’s going to take at least a year to get read of all these toxins and rebuild my health.  The good news is. . there is a plan.

I’ve already jumpstarted my nutrition with my new dietary changes.  As I’ve mentioned before, eating whole foods, nothing processed, nothing fried has done wonders for my diabetes as well.  I had been using 115+ units of insulin a day and I’m now using 40-50 units/day.  That’s AMAZING to me!  The other thing I’ve noticed about this is that when I do “cheat” and eat something fried, fat-rich or carbo-rich, my glucose readings SKYROCKET!  I had popcorn the other day, at the movies and I was 280+ for 5 hours.  I think the problem is that I took my insulin according to my regular insulin:carb ratio.  I need to increase the insulin side of that equation when I eat stuff like that. . otherwise I’m experiencing that popcorn for HOURS.

The missing piece to much of my fatigue puzzle is exercise.  Because of the pain in my back, it’s been really hard to get busy and exercise.  So, I’ve signed up for a class with SP at the cancer center on Thursday nights.  We’ll be using an exercise ball and working on core strength, so that’s perfect for me.  I’ll post more on that when I have some experience.

So, each morning I jump out of bed, excited to get dressed up in my “big girl clothes” and go to work.  I love that phrase, “big girl clothes,” I got that from my boss. . she’s AMAZING!  I get home and take a little nap then jump in to fixing dinner, and other chores.  Life is good and I’m so grateful for all of you who’ve stood by me through all this.  So. VERY. GRATEFUL.

Thank you!


5 Responses to “So, how’s that “work” thing goin?”

  1. Colleen Says:

    You are a true inspiration! Really. The “Get Energized” class sounds neat. Your patience is also amazing. You look at the situation and take steps to work on it.
    Enjoy being back at work. Enjoy spending time with your friends. Enjoy LIFE!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Barb, we are so happy to hear this AMAZING report on your current status!! It is obvious to everyone around you that going back to work has been so good for you! You look beautiful, smile easily, and seem to bubble with enthusiasm! We praise the Lord for answering our prayers for you over this past year. He has been good and faithful to YOU!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

  3. Meri Says:

    What a blessing Big Girl Clothes are! What a great reason to get out of bed in the morning! My husband is drained from his cancer too. The steroids he is on are a big hinderance to eating right and excercising to combat the fatigue. But he’s almost weaned off them now…so that is a big plus! Sending prayers your way for a successful journey ahead! Much love to you!

  4. Jess Says:

    I’m so happy that you finally got to go back to work! I know how badly you’ve wanted to! Yay!

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