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Off to see the wizard. . . February 7, 2012

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I had an appointment today with Angela, the nurse practitioner at my Endo’s office.  I love that the clinic is part of a teaching hospital and each time I go, there are new nurses, training nurses, nurse practitioners in training and occasionally, a new Dr. working on his endocrinology rotation.

Today I had a little of everything.  The nurse performing my intake introduced me to a student nurse.  She had never seen a continuous glucose monitor before and I was able to teach her a little something about that.  She had also only seen a few glucometers in her day, so we talked through the added ability of this one to wireless communicate with my pump.  She was so excited to learn, so excited to write everything down and ask more questions.  I undressed and showed her the CGM sensor and transmitter on my upper-thigh. She was riveted. We also talked about the importance of support and the online community.  She took my information and said she already knew of someone that she would refer to twitter and my blog.

(if you’re reading this and that nurse does your nails. . .WELCOME!)

Then, Angela, WHO IS AMAZING!, came in with a counterpart in training.  She stepped out at one point and he offered that he is most interested in a diabetes practice because he sees how difficult it is to manage and how it has become so prevalent and he wants to be where he can do some good and help people really make a difference in their care.  I give him great kudos for that.

The one thing I told each of these training individuals, is that it’s easy, after graduation and you face the real world, to feel like you have a handle on it all and you stop listening to the patient.  I told the training nurse that I’d fired my G.P. , not for misdiagnosing my diabetes, but because he wouldn’t listen to me when I was telling him what was happening.  Really, I DO pay attention to my body and I am uber-compliant with Drs. orders. (to the point of being made fun of on several occasions!)  If I tell you a treatment plan isn’t working. . don’t tell me to just give it a few more weeks.  In THIS case, I could’ve gone into DKA and you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Remember in Wizard of Oz?  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. . once Oz had been found out, Dorothy and the others let him have it.  He was humbled, listened and then met their wishes.  Dr. R and Angela truly are my Wizards!  They take this jumble of information, pages and pages of graphs, charts and logs and they turn it into some pretty helpful information for me.  Then, they let me have some input on how my care will be managed from there.

I had a great A1c, but I’ve been having alot of lows lately. We’ve adjusted basal rates, insulin:carb ratios and I’ll be doing some basal testing this week to make sure we’ve got it all calculating correctly.  But, if these numbers aren’t right I have full confidence that I can make the adjustments necessary because they’ve really taught me more than just reading my checkout instructions.  They’ve helped me learn to manage my own diabetes and given me the confidence to conquer the fear.

So, Dorothy gets to go home, TinMan gets a heart, Scarecrow gets a brain, Lion gets some courage and I?  I get all of those things. . .the wizard was very kind today!


4 Responses to “Off to see the wizard. . .”

  1. Bob P Says:

    Long trip back to Kansas, was it, Dorothy? 🙂 (Great post. Good providers are to be valued above rubies.)

  2. Sara Says:

    From someone who 1) was also misdiagnosed by a G.P and 2) has fired an endo for not listening, I love to hear about this appointment and endo office!

  3. Colleen Says:

    Hmmm, maybe some of us should switch to your Endo’s office. Make appointments for the same day every 3 months and have an Endopalooza! each time.
    I’ll be seeing endo #4 next month. Sigh…
    I’m happy that you are doing and feeling great. Makes me smile! (Even at 6 in the morning…)

  4. Scott E Says:

    I fired an endo once. Actually, I didn’t give him an explanatory Trump-like “You’re Fired”, I just cancelled my next appointment and never rescheduled. In retrospect, it may not have been the best way to handle it, but it’s hard to look at your doctor – who is supposed to be intellectually superior (with the power to write prescriptions) and think of him as a subordinate. I’ve also had docs who tend to dismiss what I tell them. Now I’ve got a doctor who not only listens to me, but empowers me — he treats me like I’m in charge. He wants to know what my D-goals and D-targets are are so he can help me reach them. It’s such a different dynamic, and a much nicer one, too.

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