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Being deliberate about smelling sweetly. . . February 3, 2012

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I like leaving an impression on people.  I would really like knowing that the impression I left was more of a compassionate nature rather than a scent.

I used to use the clinical strength anti-perspirant.  After all, I don’t want to sweat and I like to smell nice.  I started using these versions of products while I was coaching softball.  There’s lots of arm-waving involved and I didn’t want to be remembered as that coach with the wetness.

So, fast forward to this year with all the treatments I’ve been having.  Most of the time, I was just in bed or hanging around the house.  I wasn’t very active or sweating at all, so I either didn’t bother wearing it or it was just a few times a week.  As I began radiation treatments, I was instructed to not to use it all during those two months.  They gave me a crystal, about the size of an apricot and said I could wet that and rub it under my arms for deodorant. Some days I’d use it and others days I would forget, but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t very active.

Now, that I’m finished with treatments and a little more active, I’ve noticed I do perspire a little, but nothing like I used to.  In researching clean, “green,” healthy options, with ingredients I can pronounce, I found this recipe, here.

At her request, I’m providing you the link to her website, rather than posting the recipe here.  I hope you all go look at her site, she has some great posts there.  I’m super grateful she shared this one with all of us. Thank you Amy!

I will make these comments to add to her post:

She used ylang yang and orange essential oils.
I used Tea Tree & lavender essential oils for their antibacterial properties and because that’s how everything else in my home is now scented.  Bacteria is usually the reason for any smell, other than human scent.  If these oils can tackle the bacteria, I shouldn’t have any scent of my own. Whew!

It’s very solid, but creamy.  I just run my fingers over the top of it and it comes out of the jar as it warms up.  I love the smell of the cocoa butter but will probably add a little more of the essential oils next time so it’ll smell a little more botanical and less like a candy bar.

Now that we’ve got your underarms leaving a good impression. . make sure the rest of you does too!  As much as I’d hate for someone to remember me as “that girl I met at that party with the body odor,”  I’d hate it even more if I were remembered as “that girl at the party who obviously didn’t want to be there.”

Leave a lasting, loving impression on someone. . go ahead, be deliberate!


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