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Mile 19 December 21, 2011

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I can almost see the finish line.  It’s just ahead, around this turn.  I’ve written before about this being a marathon rather than a sprint.  It’s mile 19. . and I think I’ve caught my second-wind.

This has been a busy week; making candy, baking, sharing dinner with friends, kids coming home, buying gifts, making cards. . on and on. . but oh, so fun.

One bit of disappointment; I thought 6 weeks of radiation = 30 treatments, which would mean I’d be done on the 30th.  I will actually be finished on January 5th, after having some “boost” treatments.  If I understand this correctly, I will have some fantastic artwork drawn on my chest on Friday, the 23rd. I hope Dr. C. is as talented as an artist with a sharpie as he is in the area of radiation oncology. This helps the technicians properly focus the new, high-powered beams.  On Wednesday, the 28th they will change my treatments to a higher dosage, but more focused on just the incision area.  This will allow the other areas to begin healing.

The GREAT news is that my skin is not as burnt as it could be.  According to the Dr. I have great genes (which my mother has already taken credit for).  I heal quickly, which is contrary to all the hub-bub I hear about people with diabetes healing slowly. I am doing EXTREMELY well with radiation.  A few of us have compared burns and I can truly say that I’m barely pink compared to some of the others.  One lady doesn’t wear a blouse at all, once she gets home because she’s so burnt. Poor thing. . and she’s just the sweetest lady I think I’ve ever met.

I also felt very honored today.  As I went in for my appointment this morning, my very terrific nurse stopped to ask me for my blog address.  She said that she, and a few of the other nurses, would like to read my posts to better understand the patient’s point of view.  She also said that since I’ve been so positive through my battle, they’d like to refer other patients to my blog for encouragement. I’m honored that they would like to share my journey with others and so PROUD of the staff for caring what the patient feels, says, understands and wanting to take that into consideration as they care for us.

So, to my newest readers. . WELCOME. . please feel free to leave a comment now and then. AND, I’ll see you everyday for the next few weeks!

Another update on Mom.  If you’ve read my prior posts, you’ll remember we were diagnosed with breast cancer the same week last year.  Her cancer had metastasized  to her sternum and pelvic bone.  She’s been taking a pill all this time and the tumor had started to shrink, but in the past few weeks, she’s started to feel pain again.  She will begin radiation in the coming week to treat those two outlying areas.  I don’t think she’ll have enough radiation to actually burn (thank goodness, she’s so fair-skinned) as she will have approximately 10 treatments in each location.  She’s doing well with this new development and I’m so proud of her for facing this new information with such grace. . I must’ve learned how to battle from her.  She’s a true amazon-warrior.
(to follow her journey go to:

We’ve got so much to look forward to this next week; Christmas eve service, Christmas morning with the girls, DH on vacation for a week. . YAY!  J, K and the two grand-dogs will arrive next week and we’ll have another Christmas with them.  This is such a time of celebration, reunion.  Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.  May you find the Peace that comes from Emmanuel; God with us. He really is. . with us.


8 Responses to “Mile 19”

  1. Debra Says:

    I’m going to use your words “You Are A Rock Star” and your mom as well. So glad everything is going well for the two of you. Have a wonderful time with your family this week. 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    Barb, you’re AMAZING!!! We’re so happy for you! We wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy this time with friends and family.

  3. colleen Says:

    You are awesome and wonderful!

  4. Stacey D. Says:

    You continue to amaze me. You have been in my eyes a hero for what you’ve been dealing with and also how. I’m so glad to hear the treatment is going well & glad the end of radiation is near. I wish you & your family a very blessed holiday!!

  5. Victoria Says:

    I love you like crazy! And I’m praying for you and your mom so hard! Hugs from Tennessee!

  6. Sharon Ayers Says:

    Glad it’s almost over, Barb, we love you to the moon!!!

  7. shannon Says:

    catching up on my blog reading, thanks for sharing this. i was surprised to read about your radiation burns but then i remembered, when my mom had radiation for her brain cancer 20 years ago, she would come home and her head would be hot to the touch for hours. i had forgotten that until now. wow.

    i’m glad your nurses asked to share your blog among each other and other patients, i am sure you will help many.

    happy new year to you and yours!

    • babscampbell Says:

      Thanks for your comment Shannon. I hope your holidays were wonderful.
      I’ve finally finished radiation and have quite a fiery burn now. I’m fortunate to still be numb there from the surgeries. 🙂 I’m on mile 20 now and can hear the cheering crowd surrounding the finish line. Thanks for being there.

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