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Spam. . alive and well October 16, 2011

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I used to love spam. . well, the kind in a can.  We always got to have spam when we went camping.  Mom would fry it up as we were changing out of our pjs. . .super fast because it was sooo cold in the camper.  We’d have spam, eggs, toast and she’d let us have the slightest bit of coffee with LOTS of milk. Then we’d bundle up and run outside to see what Dad might have caught during his early morning fishing session.

That’s not the kind of spam I’m referring to here.

When you have a blog, you get alot of spam comments.  I appreciate that has a spam filter and it works very well.  Occasionally, I read through the spam comments to make sure someone didn’t slip in there because their email address looked like a “spammer.”  I’m always amused and it’s quite obvious that whomever (or whatever) left the comment has never actually read my blog.

Today’s was the best. . I had a full-page comment which began by asking me if I was worried about wrinkles on my face.  It went on to talk about how women, for years, have battled aging skin and they have this and that miracle available to keep me looking young.  Obviously, these people have never read my blog.

If  they had, they’d know that:

  • I’m thinking wrinkles might be beautiful, it means I made it another month, another year, another decade as I fight for my life.  Those wrinkles are earned, trophies, a marking of the many years I’ve conquered breast cancer and diabetes.
  • With all I’ve got going on medically, do you think I’ve thought one moment about a wrinkle on my face?  Really?
  • With all the treatments, Drs. visits, prescriptions, etc. Do you think I really have the disposable income left to buy their miracle wrinkle cream?

The other spammers I love reading are those who comment on my title page.  As you know, this blog has a title page called “Just As I Am”, a page called “It’s Just Me” which has my individual blog posts and one for spiritual-type posts.  The intro page is just that.  It gives a brief description of me and tells you to read the next page.  No real information, pictures or stories exist there.  Yet, I’ll get 15-20 comments each day telling me how this page is full of amazing information and I am a real expert on the subject matter.  The grammar is either extremely formal or disjointed as if the person does not speak english as a primary language.    Dear Mr. Spammer, you should read the REAL blog.  If you like my intro page, the rest of it will BLOW YOU AWAY!   LOL

I told you all these stories to say this.  We really do this to each other all the time.  I know I’m probably guilty of it.  We have “surface-level” conversations and feel that we really know someone.  Just as if we’ve read an introduction and decide we know the whole story.  Or, we listen. . just a little bit. . to someone and then push our own agenda.  We all want to be heard, right?

My prayer is that I not be a social spammer.  God, let me hear the speaker’s heart and not just their words.  Let me be sensitive to what they don’t say as I listen to the words they offer.  Let me look past the smile on their lips to see the real pain in their eyes.  Let me offer real support and help, not what I think they need to fix their lives.

I’m hungry now. . I think I have a can of spam in the cupboard.


6 Responses to “Spam. . alive and well”

  1. ohhh…. you go girl!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Snickers. Lately, the ones here on WordPress start off like they might just…and then, no not so much on the blog “reading”.

    • babscampbell Says:

      I know it’s so funny to read some of them. According to them. . I’m simply brilliant! And. . the free template I used is amazing programming. And. . I should guest write on their blog. Then you look at their blog and it’s some multi-level marketing company. Blergh

  3. Cherise Says:

    Great read as always! I love the ending. 🙂

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