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A little Thursday thought. . . October 13, 2011

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Blogging is like taking a shower in public.

Everyone can see what you’ve been in to by watching what washes off.  The hard part is reaching that towel that’s 10 feet away on a 7′ high hook.  You’re really out there. . stretched out for all to see.


3 Responses to “A little Thursday thought. . .”

  1. Mike Hoskins Says:

    This made me laugh… so true! Nicely played, Babs!

  2. Colleen Says:

    Snort – gee, thanks! We’re in NC with friends and I’m trying to explain what’s so damn funny.

  3. Sara Says:

    Yikes! I have a mirror across from the shower in my tiny little bathroom and I’ve always thought that was unfortunate placement!

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