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So blessed. . . May 25, 2011

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Is it luck or blessing?  I choose to think it’s the fact that so many people have been praying on my behalf and God has found a few ways to throw down some love my way.  I have an an exceptional few days and thought I’d share.

A friend of mine, JG, has a very kind husband who works for a lawn service.  I asked him about pricing; I’ve always been curious if this was something worth paying for. . and if you’ve seen our lawn you would be answering with a resounding YES.  He said it depends on the size of the lawn, which service you sign up for, etc.  I told him I would really love a good weed spray so my grass would have a chance to grow.  He mentioned that they have a spring/fall treatment. . perhaps I could afford two treatments rather than a weekly or monthly application.  So I asked him to stop by and give me a bid.

Mind you, he knows about the diabetes/cancer issues and was so kind as to attend the Wigging Out Party with JG, who was quite stylish in an oversized sombrero!  So, on Monday evening, the doorbell rang.  I opened the door and immediately smelled the fantastic odor of weed killer.   “I thought you were going to give me a bid?”  I say. . well, he decided to just go ahead and spray.  He sprayed the backyard too!  Then he said he’d put on me on his route and stop by in a few weeks with fertilizer. . “you have enough to worry about, this shouldn’t be part of it.”  I just bawled like a baby.  He asked if he could put a sign in my yard, perhaps pick up some neighbors as customers, once they see the change in my yard.  Heck ya!  You can tattoo it on my bald head if you want!  I’ll make SURE you pick up some business.

(so, btw. . if you live in the KC metro and need a great lawn care company. . let me know)

Well, that was just the beginning.  I went to work the next morning, hugged JG and thanked her for introducing me to her very kind husband and making this possible.  Then I got the email. . .

I am facing alot of time off and only have so many paid vacation/sick days.  I’ve already used quite a few of those days by having scans, tests, chemo, biopsy, port surgery. . . on and on.  I’d been talking with our HR dept about disability benefits and learned that disability doesn’t kick in until the 15th consecutive day of absence.  That means that when the time comes, and it’s coming sooner than I expected, I will have to be off a full 2 weeks (consecutive days) without pay before my benefits kick in and pay me at 60%.  So, the good news?

HR has been talking with the insurance carrier on my behalf and they’re going to count the days I’ve already used toward my 2 weeks of time off.  By the time I start disability, I will have already been off the 2 weeks and they’ll start paying.  YAY!

But then, that’s still not all. . .

I also got a call from Dexcom.  This is the company that makes a Continuous Glucose Monitor which checks my glucose levels every 2 minutes.  I still need to test as I usually do. . but this will help me see trending information.  Poking my finger tells me what my glucose level is right now. . but not if its on its way up or down.  For example, let’s say my glucose reads at 150.  Well, if it’s bedtime and I see it’s trending lower, I won’t take anymore insulin, as I would end up crashing in the night.  However, if it’s 150 and on its way UP. . I’ll pop a unit and know that I won’t be waking up with a dry mouth and groggy from high BG.

Oh. . another feature, and really the reason I need one, is that if my glucose levels are getting too low, it has alarms that will help wake me up so I can treat it.  This is especially attractive as my DH travels quite a bit and I have a difficult time waking up from lows these days, since I’m on so many other drugs that knock me out.

So. . the good news is. . .
They have pre-approval from my insurance to cover this lovely device AND since I’ve already paid my out of pocket maximum for the year. . I won’t pay ONE SINGLE DOLLAR for it!  Triple YAY!  We’ve started all the paperwork to get this ordered and I can’t wait.

SO THEN. . everyone at work was telling me I should go buy a lottery ticket since I was having such a good day!

I met my DH for dinner and what do you know. . he’d stopped on the way home and picked one up.  So, we rubbed it on my bald head for good luck and will check the numbers in the morning.  Ya, never know. . .I’ve been God’s favorite lately!


6 Responses to “So blessed. . .”

  1. Jess Says:

    YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!!! i think i will be grinning the rest of the evening! you deserve some good news!!! 🙂

  2. Jaimie Says:

    God is good!!…Big Hugs!!! …fingers and toes crossed for your lotto ticket 😉

  3. Sara Says:

    What a great day! I love how God shows us His love even through the kindness of strangers. Maybe not the jackpot but I’m thinking you’ll win at least a few dollars tomorrow 🙂

  4. colleen Says:

    BIG smile up here in NH! I love reading about your blessings and the love you have found all around you.
    Thanks for sharing your good news and helping me start my day with joy.

  5. I had this very nice long reply almost finished and my son somehow deleted it without pushing the delete button!
    Im giong to drastically cut it short this time around. Im glad to hear your fight is giong so well. My mother is an insulin dependant diabetic who has discovered a lump on her breast and the DR said today that their were 2 lumps…not diagnosed as Cancer as of yet but my grandmother passed away due to breast cancer that spread quickly. A
    Anyways im a new follower so i scrolled back to the begining of your diabetes/cancer fight posts and I am interested in finding out more about this BG monitoring device. What is the company that makes it and what model did you get? Can you let me know any other information about it?
    I think this sounds exactly like what my mother needs. Not only if it turns out to be breast cancer but because she is considered a “Brittle Diabetic” who is sensitive to sugar, carbs and insulin. I would greatly appreciate any/all information you can pass along about this.

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