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Fearless Friday. . Live Out Loud! April 15, 2011

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I’ve always been told I’m too loud. I laugh too loud, I talk too loud. . I even THINK out loud. I snore, I sing, I chew, I even blow my nose too loudly. I remember as a child being called “giggle-box” and “jabber-box” and all sorts of fabulous phrases like that. My parents would attend parent-teacher conferences and it was always the same story, “Barbara is a good student and quite bright, however she’s a bit too social. She distracts the other students and talks too much and too loudly.”


I like living out LOUD! Stephen Curtis Chapman has a song, Live Out Loud with the chorus:

Wake the neighbors
Get the word out
Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout
This is life we’ve been given, made to be lived out
So, la, la, la, la, live out loud

To me, living out loud isn’t about decibel levels as much as choices I make like this:
• You have to wear an insulin pump? Bling it up! Buy the brightest, happiest color that manufacturer makes and make it a fashion accessory. We buy covers for our phones and our iPods to make them fit our personalities and make a statement. This beautiful, pink robo-pancreas of mine is no different.
• You lose your hair? Buy one of every wig in the store and enjoy the opportunity to wear all those hairstyles you’ve always wondered about.
• You have to have a mastectomy? I learned from Geralyn Lucas to wear your best jewelry to the hospital and your best, bright red, matte lipstick into the surgery suite.
• You have to endure chemo? There are a lot of people in that infusion room with no family or friends beside them, and possibly no hope in their future. . what an opportunity to step outside of myself and add some new people to my “collection.” Make it a party. . wear a fun hat and perhaps a feather boa(and bring some to share). . we’ll show ‘em how to make that the best 2 hours of the week!
• You’re gaining or losing weight due to a medical condition or treatment? Find a vintage clothing store and go buy some fantastically bright 70’s silk shirts with big collars and strut your stuff. (This idea came to me last night as our daughter EC was telling me about a store in Westport. . ReRuns, here I come!)
• You turned 50? If you’re a woman-join the Red Hat Society. . those are some crazy-fun women! You can actually join earlier and wear lavender and pink. . but for me, it’s a rite of passage and I’m waiting til I earn the purple and red!

I refuse to go quietly. . .and I’m taking prisoners!


One Response to “Fearless Friday. . Live Out Loud!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Love your blog Barb. and I love your laughter and your take on life. Makes me think I am wasting mine!! LOL

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