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Speak Life March 22, 2011

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Mom’s appointment with her surgeon went well today.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE from my appointment last week.  Her Dr. is young, vivacious and full of hope and life.  As they discussed Mom’s medical history, the Dr. asked about my biopsy yesterday.  First, she told me the 48-hour answer period is probably a bit overstated and warning me against freaking out if I don’t have answers by Thursday.  It’s not that it’s good news or bad news. . it means you had a biopsy during spring break and everyone was short-staffed.  

However, the most notable difference is that she never once said the “C” word. . she said you have a mass and we need to get some tissue under a microscope to see what it is.  No talk about chemo, radiation, radical mastectomy, surgery. . only that you have a mass and we need to see what it is.  I like her approach. . the glass is half-full and oh. . .don’t pick up that bag until it’s yours to carry.

Well, she didn’t SAY that. . but, that’s the way she handled the whole conversation. . one step at a time.

So, I wonder which way, given the choice, I prefer this conversation.  I’m the ‘give-me-the-bad-news-first’ kinda gal. . and then I’ll turn it around to find a way to fill the glass half full with it.  All I know is I came out of my surgeon’s office in despair, crying, feeling grief and fear.  We came out of this appointment today trying to decide where to go for lunch.  We’re not oblivious to Mom’s situation or discounting the severity of it. . however, we’re not afraid of it either.

(as a side-note, I’m happy to say I will be switching to Dr. P. myself and then Mom and I can schedule our appts. together and save some time and driving.)

I have a saying. . and I suppose this is the prime example of someone doing it. . I want to always Speak LIFE. 

Our minds and our tongues are SO powerful.  Every time we speak, we either speak life or death to someone.  We may not be discussing cancer or another life-altering medical condition . . but when we speak with anger, hate, un-forgiveness, bitterness we speak death.  That person walks away feeling grief, fear, pain.  The same feelings I experienced last week. . I gave up, I gave in. . I decided the Dr. must be right and I’m dying.

On the other hand, when we speak life; forgiveness, healing, encouragement, support, love we have the singular opportunity to change their life. . one moment at a time.  That person walks away energized, full of hope, happiness and seeing tomorrow.  AND SHARES IT WITH THE NEXT PERSON. . .  I’ve attached a great commercial that you’ve probably seen. . but, it’s the “pay it forward” principal.

Speak life today.  I need to hear it.  Your family needs to hear it and deserves to hear it.  Your co-workers and neighbors are DYING to hear it.  If not you. . who will. . Here I am Lord, send me.

ps. thanks to Liberty Mutual Insurance for the commercial.


5 Responses to “Speak Life”

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  2. Jennifer Says:

    I love those Liberty Mutal commercials. Paying it forward is definitely the way to live. And having a positive attitude makes such a huge difference in matters of the health, so I’m glad to see you are not only strong, but positive as well.

  3. Cliff Henderson Says:

    I got a similar response from my Dr. when I first went in to see about the tremor in my right hand. I asked him if this was Parkinson’s. He said, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” When we finally got down to that is was Parkinson’s, and I insisted that he tell me what was going to happen, he reluctantly told me what to expect. One of those expectations was that by 10 years I would be in a wheel chair. That was in Feb 2000. If it wasn’t for this pinched nerve I have developed, I would still be walking almost normally, at last when my pills are working. He commented the other day that I come to mind regularly when he thinks on that. He also laughed and said that many people with Parkinson’s have real trouble with depression. “You don’t seem to have any problem with that.”
    I have always seen the world through humor and that does not seem to leave any time for depression.

    • babscampbell Says:

      Hey Cliff. . thanks for this comment. One of the things I respect most about you is your ability to see and capture beauty. . even when your tremors would seem to thwart your efforts. You take such beautiful photographs and take such care to find beauty and life in the world around you. . and freeze it in time. Thanks for the life you bring to those around you! Please, I’d be honored, if you’d post your photo website here as a comment and then I’ll add it to my blogroll as a link.
      Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Cliff Henderson Says:

    I have 2 websites that I have photos for sale. On both of then my user name is bearclaw. they are and
    I am just beginning to put them on imagekind.

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