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Keeping my eyes on the light. . . March 19, 2011

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For Lent this year, I gave up hope in my own knowledge and abilities and replaced it with placing my full trust in God and His infinite knowledge and ability to take care of me.

I recently pushed our kitchen table right up to a window that looks out over our back yard. From the window, I can see two large trees, usually occupied by 4-5 squirrels leaping limb to limb. I can also see a creek and the cement pad down by the creek where I hang out ALL SUMMER LONG. I have a porch swing and a fire pit down there and I will sit until late into the evening watching fireflies and bats and critters in the creek. Normally, the sun is coming in from an angle that makes it a great spot to sit. . no direct, in your face sunshine.

This kitchen table has become the nerve center of the house. It is always covered by forgotten (or ignored) mail, items to be returned to this store or that, forms to be completed, and for now, there’s a lovely chocolate pudding cake, which I might add, is looking rather lonely and I feel I must put it out of its misery soon.

I gave you all that background to tell you this story:
I was sitting at this table this morning, with my bowl of oatmeal and craisins, reading a Dr. provided publication known as: Cancer Guide, a treatment and facilities guide for patients and their families. Happy Saturday reading right? So, that’s how this started. . .

As I was reading, I looked up to see the clouds are thick and gray to which I responded with a hummfph. I kept reading. . . and the clouds shifted and the sun, peered through from where it sits, straight into my eye! The nerve! I couldn’t see anything, not the booklet I was reading, not my oatmeal, not even the table. . really. I decided I’d have to shift all this stuff around, move this bowl-careful, don’t spill it. . aaaagh.

Then I realized, when I’m looking at the light, I can’t see anything else. NOTHING! No dirt, no bills, no necessary documents, no recycling that didn’t hit the bin, no medical eob’s from the insurance company, no unnecessary carb-laden cake. . NOTHING.

John 8:12 says, . . .”I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

If I keep my eyes on the Light of the World, I can’t see anything else. I’m sure I’ve heard this lesson at Kids Camp or Sunday School sometime in my life. . but, I’ve never been surrounded by so much darkness until these days. . .and that just makes the Light that much brighter doesn’t it? If I fix my eyes on Him, I can’t see fear, despair, pain, cancer, diabetes. . I only see Him. He is my Prince of Peace, my Provider, my Great Physician, my God Who Sees Me.


One Response to “Keeping my eyes on the light. . .”

  1. Melody Campbell Says:

    A remembered snatch of a song – “Come to the Light ’tis shining for thee. Sweetly the light will shine upon thee.”

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