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Learning About Egypt? or learning about ME? February 21, 2011

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In our house, we’re learning more and more about Egypt.  it’s not certain yet, but, there may be a business commute in my DH’s future, so we’re trying to learn some arabic, get to know the culture, the expectations, the food, the people.  I have just about mastered the alphabet, have learned to spell mine and DH’s names and will now start on basic words and phrases that we’ll need to know. I just felt it would be easier for him to learn, if we were trying to learn together and trying to speak some Arabic at home.

He doesn’t need to learn it.  We have been told that most of Egypt speaks English, it is taught in the schools. However, it sure would be helpful knowing just a bit, just in case.  I’m thinking some of the necessary phrases beyond hello and good-bye will be things like:

please, thank you, assorted food items (happily the words broccoli, tomato and Coca-Cola sound the same in either language. . LOL) bathroom, doctor, hotel, telephone. . where do I buy lovely jewelry for my wife because I’m gone so much. . know. . .the important things.

This has made me think of another trip to another place that I will be taking at some point.  Do I know the language? Will I recognize the people, the customs the sights and sounds?  Am I ready for this journey?  I sure hope so.  I think I have the language ready.

We will all sing together around the throne and I don’t want to be the only one muttering “watermelon, watermelon,” because I don’t know the words.

Speaking of watermelon. . . our nourishment isn’t food as much as we are told we dine on the Word.  Paul often talks about God’s Word being milk or meat to those who take it in.  Are we babies in our faith and needing to be fed milk or are we maturing and wanting to feed ourselves something more substantial?  Am I seeking the nourishment I will need so that it’s familiar when I arrive?

Will I recognize the people, the clothing the culture?  Many have gone before me and many are preparing for this same journey, even as I am.  I am so BLESSED to be making new friends and meeting new people. . people with a heart for their homeland of Egypt. The Lamie family is such a blessing to us, helping us learn so much, and because we share our Father, we ARE family. They are our very gracious brothers and sister!

Are we already living like citizens of the kingdom?  Are we de-cluttering our lives and taking what can be fit into a suitcase? Are we getting the needed documents and identifying ourselves?  I just can’t help but make this comparison as we look toward visiting such an important place in our history as people, and as believers.  To be able to see the same Mt. Sinai Moses saw. . to visit places seen by Joseph, Abraham and yes, even Jesus is so amazing to me.

We appreciate your prayers as we walk through this next year of decisions, and preparation.  I hope to visit Egypt with him and if he commutes alone. . well, he’s never really alone, is he?

In grace,

Babs (بابس)


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