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Oh, the ways we occupy our minds. . . August 1, 2010

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Welcome to August!  So much will happen this month.  It’s going to be very exciting!

Our youngest daughter heads off to Boston for college at the end of the month.  This means so much packing, planning, boxing up, shopping, scheduling flights, hotels, rental cars, locating the luggage, down payments for tuition, end-of-summer-going-away-to-college party, purchasing dorm room supplies. . .the list just doesn’t end.  We keep adding on. . . because there’s more to do?  or possibly because we don’t want to think about the inevitable. . we’ll be saying good-bye.

This all made me think, how often do we concentrate on the many details to avoid thinking about the “moment.”  What does this moment mean to us, the family?  We’ll worry about so many things:

  • We’re too far away to dry her tears
  • We’re too far away to celebrate her victories
  • We’re too far away to help her problem-solve
  • We’re too far away to hear her laugh in other room, as she talks to her friends on the phone.
  • We’re too far away to pick her up if she gets lost downtown
  • We’ll miss her voice, her laugh, her friends (even weird Trevor)

Things will change for all of us.  There is no denying that.  However, this is the progression of her life, this is what she has trained for throughout her entire life. . that first time for her to be out, on her own.  I’m so excited for her adventure, the possibilities, the newness of everything she now faces.

She will no longer be counting her lasts; her last day of school, her last taste of Sheridan’s (at least until Thanksgiving) her last day of work at the Y.  She’ll begin counting all the firsts; her first night in her dorm, her first roommate, her first college class, her first Boston Symphony concert, her first time navigating the train system alone, her first Boston Red Sox game, her first college chapel service.

We’ll continue to occupy our minds with all the details.  We’ll contemplate the care package contents; the next holiday visit; we’ll stare at our computers waiting for skype to ring in, hoping to hear any news.  We’ll attend church, go to book club, exercise, cook, meet friends for dinner.  It’ll seem that we don’t miss her at all, however, we’ll be occupying our minds with “stuff” to not feel the hole in our hearts.  She will be on our minds until the day that we can hold her in our arms and squeeze her tight.

We’re good at this. . .we just completed a year of this exact experience, as our oldest served in Iraq.  This was also the plan that was followed when the 2nd oldest was away at college and for the 2 years our 3rd daughter lived in Utah.  Stay busy with minutia, don’t concentrate on the distance. . .  We’re good at this. . but it never makes it any easier.  It is, however, what prepares us for the “empty nest.”  We learn to let go, they learn to stand on their own. . the circle of life.

B, We’re SO proud of you, so excited for you and we WILL miss you.  Live it up, have fun, learn lots, then come home to us and share it all.  We love you, girl!


2 Responses to “Oh, the ways we occupy our minds. . .”

  1. CrennaBamp Says:

    love you so so much and appreciate everything you have done and are doing for me!

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