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Insulin is my blessing January 26, 2010

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When I was first diagnosed and the Dr. said I would eventually be able to control my Type II Diabetes with diet and exercise, I was excited and hopeful.  I got down to business fairly quickly.  I located a low-carb bread that I could order online, spent ALOT of money trying to replace some of my favorites with the low-carb version, worked out like a maniac.  I’ve downloaded multiple exercise videos on both my computer and my iPhone. Invested in some hand weights, got a great jump rope from my girls for Christmas.  I meant business!

The last few months, as I was struggling with such high numbers, I would see people comment on twitter and blogs about being low and I would be so jealous.  I’d rather be shoving food in my mouth to treat the high than being so high and not being able to do a gosh-darned thing about it.(Well, that’s what I kept telling myself. .it’s pretty scary.) Once we realized that I indeed DID need insulin, I was thrilled that there was something available that would help me.

When they finally told me that I needed insulin, they said it in such a sad, comforting way. . as if I would be devastated.  The CDE was so surprised that I was so excited.  She said several times that she’d never had anyone so excited to start injections. . but, I knew that was the only thing that would help me.  I’ll do whatever I have to, to be healthy again, to avoid the future possible complications, to be here to play with my grandkids someday.

I’ve been battling a virus since late last week and my numbers have climbed a little each day.  Today, the virus was kicking into high gear and so is my body, trying to fight it off. But, the difference is that today, I have insulin and can give myself some correcting doses to help get my BG back down.  I can’t imagine how horrible I’d be feeling without that.

So, tonight I tweeted how grateful I was to be able to correct with insulin today and my friend @Diabetic_Iz_Me tweeted back, “@babscampbell you are welcome! insulin is a blessing. Um, I like the sound of that…#insulinismyblessing”

Indeed, insulin IS my blessing.  That’s a hashtag I can live with!


One Response to “Insulin is my blessing”

  1. Cherise Says:

    I’m glad you were excited about starting insulin, I’m not sure why people hate it so much. I hope you feel better soon! You were my inspiration too!

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